Bespoke jewelry is created specifically for you.

One of a kind pieces that bring together love, personality, memories and adornment. 

The beginning 

First we start discussing what type of piece you are looking for.

We then figure out what type of metal, diamonds or gemstones will be used, or if you are wanting to upcycle your old fine jewelry

Engagement rings much be communicated to me 5-6 weeks prior to purposal. 


Then we go over design ideas so I can get a better understanding.

After a few days of brainstorming and researching I will reach out to you with some ideas and drawings. 

This is where we narrow down your exact vision. We will discuss any changes that need to be made or if anything needs to be added.
This step is most important. 

As I want to ensure this piece is everything you've dreamed for. No change is too great or too small.


After we work together on the fine details I will then start the fabrication process.
This may take 1-4 weeks depending on whether materials need to be ordered.
I will send you updated consistently so you will know exactly how everything is shaping up 

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