Founder Patricia Sutterfield first began her journey in jewelry in 2016 with copper electroforming before diving into metalsmithing in 2018.What originally started out as a way to create pieces for her self quickly turned into an unexpected small business. 

After a few years exploring copper electoforming and dipping her toes in the jewelry industry she realized her passion lied in fine jewelry design. With the desire to create small batch unique and alternative jewelry.

Sutterfield's designs take inspiration from classic styles, marrying them with unique diamonds, gemstones and meticulous hand-engraved details — all while working to source materials sustainably. Valuing the intimate nature of the custom made and bespoke process, Rebel & Rogue focuses on engagement rings, wedding bands and signet rings.

She began learning the craft by taking beginner soldering classes, watching countless tutorials and spending hours practicing the evenings. She was enrolled in New Approach School for Jewellers in Arrington, TN Graduated bench jewelry program for March, 2020. However, after a month into the course she returned back to Canada due to the COVID pandemic. In June 2022 she went to Covington, Louisiana to learn the art of hand engraving from master engraver Sam Alfano.

She is now spending as many hours in her studio as possible. Mastering techniques and absorbing as much information as she can from books, online tutorials and practice. 


Rebel and rogue jewelry is made in Kimberley, British Columbia Canada.